Buy to Let Mortgages

Suitable for:

» Residential

» Houses, Flats, HMO's

» Limited Companys

» First Time Landlords

» Portfolio Landlords

BTL Mortgages have their own special place in the market now. They are suitable for landlords that want to rent out their properties long term to residential clients.  BTL mortgages can be used in a clients personal name or LTD co name and with some of our lenders, there can be no limit as to the number of properties mortgaged.

Other variants of this would be a portfolio BTL mortgage which can fall into the bracket of commercial mortgage, although sometimes a client will ask for a BTL mortgage.

First time BTL landlords can be difficult to pass, however if someone has a couple of properties already it is much easier, that being said we have lenders for first time landlords If they can show affordability.

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